Histor Of solar parks

The first 1 MW solar park was built by Arco Solar at Lugo near Hesperia, California at the end of 1982,[4] followed in 1984 by a 5.2 MW installation in Carrizo Plain. Both have since been decommissioned, though Carrizo Plain is the site for several large plants now being constructed[6] or planned. The next stage followed the 2004 revisions to the feed-in tariffs in Germany when a substantial volume of solar parks were constructed.

Serpa Solar Park built in Portugal in 2006

Several hundred installations over 1 MW have been since been installed in Germany, of which more than 50 are over 10 MW With its introduction of feed-in tariffs in 2008, Spain became briefly the largest market, with some 60 solar parks over 10 MW, but these incentives have since been withdrawn. The USA, China India, France, Canada, and Italy, amongst others, have also become major markets as shown on the list of photovoltaic power stations.

The largest sites under construction have capacities of hundreds of MW and projects at a scale of 1 GW are being planned.