PERC Solar Cells

PERC technology is increasing becoming the newest platform for solar module manufacturing.To start, PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell technology and in the simplest terms, it means that manufacturers add an extra layer to the rear side of a solar cell, as seen below. 

The extra layer increases a module’s overall energy production by reflecting the unabsorbed light back to the solar cell for a second attempt at absorption, since monocrystalline cells are unable to absorb all of the light at once. 

This means that PERC creates a more efficient solar system.

For installers, working with PERC technology also provides more freedom for the solar system design: it allows solar systems to be designed for locations that were considered to be undesirable for solar because PERC solar panels have a higher energy density per square foot and perform well in low-light and hot environments; and their higher energy harvest means that fewer solar panels are needed for the desired output, particularly if square footage is limited.