R&D solar cells and modules

R&D solar cells and modules 

1) Status Quo

 Sunways ahead of average of industry, but behind Benchmark
 Benchmark uses new technologies which are not always cost effectiv (LFC, plating)
 goal: being Benchmark with cost effectiv technologies !!!
2) Why higher efficiencies?
 Competitive products 
 additional earnings

Saving costs in PV-System:

 Efficiency improvement of 1% abs. saves 4.4€cent/W in the PV-system.

3) R&D Roadmap Solar cells

4) Customized Solar cells:

 designing new products
 improving efficiency

development of new glas-glas-module

 two standard sizes (less project engeneering, new markets)
 for different BIPV-cells: transparent, color, combination of both
 fits to R&D roadmap for modules of LDK

5) Cost reduction:

Reduced metal consumption

plus increased efficiency lowers

prodcution cost by 30% in the 

last 18 months


 Find cost optimized wafer thickness
 Understand influence of wafering processes
àStrong cooperation with LDK to join competences and gain speed