Energy revolution – what?

"Through appropriate energy mix." The PV today provides relevant contributions to the power supply. On sunny days PV electricity can be up to 35% cover on Sundays and public holidays up to 50% of our current electricity consumption.

Energy revolution – Our contribution

The solar cell is part of the PV system.

Blue Cell processed silicon wafer 

into solar cells.

Economic Environment

The development of the global photovoltaic industry:

Price development for PV systems -> Price reduction of 65% in 8 years!

Status and objectives

As we face the challenges? How do we seize the opportunities?

§manufacture high quality product at a competitive cost: Target
§Focusing on the product exclusively manufacturing polycrystalline solar cells with an annual capacity of 100MW
§continuous increase of productivity, quality and quantity
§lean manufacturing concept -> consistent use of plants and processes with the highest productivity and lowest labor costs
§optimized personnel concept (Maintenance Operator instead of maintenance, plant and process engineering) -> Expand skills and responsibilities, exploit synergies, increase team spirit
§lean administration → 85% of all employees work in the production area
§Implementation of energy saving measures, such as changing the fluorescent lighting to LED lamps → 80% cost savings